Mississippi College

Education Specialist

Mississippi College offers a unique educational leadership preparation program at the specialist’s level. Each semester (fall, spring, and summer), a group of carefully selected cohort members begin a six semester program consisting of 40 semester hours. The program is delivered by terminally-degreed faculty who are seasoned practitioners.

The School of Education offers graduate degree programs designed to build upon prior knowledge and build scaffolding to support acquiring more knowledge and understanding.  Educational leadership for the 21st century must reflect educational instruction that supports a reflective practitioner, by providing excellent classroom instruction for students to increase in stature, knowledge, and wisdom.

  The program is delivered by integrating the six dimensions of leadership:

  • Personal/Interpersonal
  • Instructional
  • Organizational
  • Resource
  • Political
  • Informational

These dimensions are integrated with research/writing, seminars, practicums, and coursework. Cohort members who complete MS College’s Educational Leadership Program are prepared to provide immediate educational leadership for schools and the entire educational arena.

For more information about Mississippi College’s Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, contact:

Dr.  J.  Grove Stafford, Program Coordinator
Lowrey Hall 306, 601.925.7389

Dr. C. Melton, Chair
Lowrey Hall 210, 601.925.3478